Immediate Edge Reviews

How does Immediate Edge work?

As we briefly mentioned, Immediate Edge claims that it is based on a sophisticated algorithm which allows the software to scan the markets for tradable insights. In other words, the robot is completely automatized, meaning that there is not an individual person or group of people controlling how it functions. All you have to do to start trading is sign up and deposit your funds, that is pretty much it. You do have to spend a few minutes a day to check your trading settings though, but we will get back to that in our step-by-step guide later on. The most important thing you should know is that to be able to use Immediate Edge, you are not required to know anything about online trading. The whole point of bitcoin robots like this one is to provide inexperienced users with an opportunity to make as much money as experienced traders with an automatic, sophisticated trading platform.

Immediate Edge says that the more you invest, the higher are your potential returns. However, please be aware that you can run into losses, so start off with minimum investments and see how that goes. You can then choose to increase your investment amounts as you go along.

Who founded Immediate Edge?

The founder of Immediate Edge is Edwin James. According to the website, he made billions with forex, crypto, and binary options trading. He claims to be sharing his secret trading strategies through the Immediate Edge app. According to him, the platform was designed to give new traders the opportunity to make money in less than three minutes after they’ve signed up.

How to sign up on Immediate Edge

Before you can start trading on Immediate Edge, you will have to register and create an account on it. As we mentioned already, signing up is free, but there is a minimum amount that you will have to deposit to be allowed to start trading.

We put together a step-by-step guide on how to sign up on Immediate Edge:

1. Registration

First of all, you will have to go on the Immediate Edge website to be able to register. As soon as you access the website, on the top right of the page, you will find a registration form requiring you to type in your email address, full name, and phone number as well as the country code.

You will later be asked to create a password so that you can log into your account later on. At this point, you will officially have an Immediate Edge account, but you will have to deposit funds in it before you can start trading on it.

2. Deposit

As soon as you create your account, you will be connected to a robot broker, where you will be able to make your deposit. It is recommended that you start off by investing the minimum required to allow you to start trading and that is $250.

You can pay via credit or debit card as well as Skrill or Klarna. Alternatively, you can also pay via bank transfer. The valid currencies are Swiss Franc, British Pound, US Dollar, and Euro. If you decide to pay via credit or debit card, you cannot deposit more than $/£/€/₣10,000 in one day and $/£/€/₣40,000 in a month. As soon as you have made your deposit, you can start trading on Immediate Edge.

3. Demo Trading

The availability of demo trading depends on the broker you are connected to once you sign up on Immediate Edge, some of them have it and some of them don’t. For those that don’t though, you normally have access to the trading platform before you deposit funds into your account and although you cannot place actual trades, you still have access to a lot of the functions of the broker. That is the whole point of demo trading, it allows you to get familiar with the trading space and see whether you are satisfied with its functions and proceedings. Once you feel confident enough and ready, you can start live trading.

4. Trading

Before you start live trading there are a few things to look out for. Even though it is an automated software that you are trading on, you are still required to check on the trading settings on a daily basis. This includes stop loss, maximum amount of daily trades, investment amount for each trade and so on. Other than that, you can also choose which cryptocurrencies you want the software to trade with. Immediate Edge offers all of the most popular ones, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but if you want the software to trade with a digital coin in particular or to trade without one, you can definitely make that happen. Whenever you are happy with your trading settings, you can switch on the ‘auto-trading’ button and start live trading. We do recommend to monitor the profits/losses though so that you can stop trading once you are satisfied with your results.

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All trading carries risk.

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How To Login or Register To The App?

Not a fan of elaborate procedures? You don’t have to stress about those at this crypto bot. The registration process is comparatively super comfortable here. Follow the steps to find out how!


  • Firstly, search and click on the official website of the Immediate Edge by clicking on the following link —
  • In the top right corner there will be an option of register where you are required to enter your name and email address.
  • Make a password with a good strength to do away with any possibility of hacking.
  • The final step is to submit.
  • Congratulations! Immediate Edge has successfully registered you on their platform.

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How do I begin trading?

If you’ve read the Immediate edge review, You’re now ready to start trading. In order to start the process, you have to have funds in your account. This will be possible if you deposit the minimum amount of payment which is $250.

You can deposit funds through credit and debit cards supported by VISA, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Klarna, etc. As such, the users have an entire menu to choose a suitable method for payment. How great is that?

Once the fund deposition is done, you can go to the trading dashboard, to begin with, actual trading. You can also have a look at Demo Account if you are a beginner.

How to get the most out of Immediate Edge App

We have identified the following tips as paramount in ensuring that you make the most of Immediate Edge.

  1. Start with a deposit of $250 – Given the level of risk involved in trading with Immediate Edge, you should start with a small investment.
  2. Follow crypto market news – You need to determine the type of news that drives volatility high and capitalize on them. Immediate Edge claims to make the most profits during high market volatility.
  3. Trade for 8 hours per day – According to Immediate Edge, trading for at least eight hours per day will help maximize profits. Immediate Edge is entirely auto, and hence you can leave the robot running as you continue with your daily errands. You do not need more than twenty minutes per day to monitor your account.
  4. Close trading sessions at the end of the day – Leaving open positions overnight is likely to translate to losses since the markets can change significantly overnight. It is better to close sessions even if in the negative and start trading again the next day. With a proper risk management strategy, there is no need to worry about periodic losses.

Immediate Edge App Review: The Verdict!

Following our review we find Immediate Edge to be legit. However, traders should take extra caution, given that this bot comes at a degree of risk. While the app claims it is possible to make profits of up to 50% per day, you can also lose the entire deposit within seconds. This is not unexpected for a high-frequency trading robot.

We recommend that you apply the necessary risk management measures. As a rule of thumb do not risk more than 10% of your trading capital per trade. Also, never trade with an amount you cannot afford to lose. It is prudent to start small and add money as you get conversant with the different features on the platform.

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.


Is Immediate Edge Software Worth a try?

Immediate Edge is legit, and the platform is active and real. User testimonials claim that this bot is worth a try.

How much should I deposit with Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge accepts a minimum deposit of $250

How much profit can I earn with Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge reports daily profits of up to 50%. The bot claims that a $250 trading account can make up to $200 in profits daily.

Can I withdraw my profits from Immediate Edge?

Lots of people have been asking us to do a comprehensive review on the Immediate Edge App, and we’ve finally decided to check the platform out and see if it is really what it says it is.

On a first look at the website, you are greeted with a collection of testimonials about how the Immediate Edge App has transformed lives. So, if you are wondering whether the App is a scam or legit trading bot, we’ve got the answers for you.

From our comprehensive check of the website, there is enough proof that the app is legit. All of our tests show that the trading bot is trustworthy and highly profitable. If you are looking for a reputable trading platform guaranteed to give you exceptional results, then look no further than the Immediate Edge App.

“We put Immediate Edge App to a test and deposited $250, and in a matter of hours, we got a profit of $100.“

But before I start, you should know that there are many fake links out there. You can’t be too careful. If you do want to try The Immediate Edge use only the secure link by Clicking >> HERE.

Is The Immediate Edge a Scam?

There are lots of trading bots all over the Internet, each promising users a variety of treats, claims, and guarantees but in the end turn out to be fraudulent. It is easy to understand why people would be concerned about the legitimacy of the Immediate Edge App. We checked the Immediate Edge App for ourselves, and we can confirm that it is a legit trading platform, guaranteed to give you amazing results. We put the App to a test and deposited $250, and in a matter of hours, we got a profit of $100.


 Summary Of Our Findings

  • Impressive success rate, with more than 81% win rate guaranteed
  • Easy to use, and user-friendly
  • The software gives exceptional results as promised
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal
  • Responsive customer support


Because of the risk involved in trading, you are advised to start small. As you become adept at trading, you can increase investments.

In order to follow the steps, you need to enter the secure Immediate Edge App link by clicking here -> Immediate Edge App Secure Link.